Join me in thoughtful conversations

Welcome to my blog post.  As an early childhood professional and a caring adult, I am concerned about issues that relate to young children, culture and the use, consumption, and creation of media and technology.

In my work, I have noticed that the topics of culture, technology, and media in the field can be uncomfortable for professionals and families.  Actually, I have realized the topic of culture can create uncomfortable and perplexing conversations, and when technology and media are added to the discussion, there are layers upon layers of interpretations, ideas, perspectives, nuances, and history that can go unnoticed or miscommunicated.  I believe as a professional it’s important to bring up these issues to help young children and their families be knowledgeable and informed users, consumers, and creators of digital tools and media platforms.  I want us as professionals and caring adults to understand how technology and media used to disempower and empower children and families and find solutions that best support children’s development of multiple cultural backgrounds.

Just as technology and media can empower children and families, these tools can be used to help early childhood professionals’ cultural awareness and understanding.  Technology and media can be used to gather and share information and create connections with others across the globe.  As homogeny seems to dissipate in the field and we work with children of various backgrounds, it is increasingly necessary that we find way to connect with communities and families.

I invite you to join me in this discovery of issues and solutions related to early childhood, culture, technology, and media.  As I publish posts and raise questions of what I see in the field, please share with me your thoughts.  My intention is for this to be a safe space where we can feel uncomfortable together and figure how to best address these concerns.

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