Gathering Useful Resources

In my posts, I usually incorporate another source to give more context and hopefully promote further reading about a particular subject.  Gradually, more people have asked me about resources for specific topics and how I manage to identify them.  With so much information about ethnicity, culture, early childhood, technology, media and diverse abilities, it can be stressful just deciding the websites that are worth the time.

Image courtesy of Pexels
Image courtesy of Pexels

To get started, I have created a “Relevant Resources” page on my site.  These sources have helped prompt some of my thinking and stay current to what’s happening in their respective fields.  While this doesn’t represent every single source I utilize, this will be a good launching point for your reading and most of them refer to other websites, journals, and databases that have additional information.

My goal is to make sure this list stays relevant with useful information as we address issues related to technology, media, culture and early childhood.  If you have suggestions for another resource topic or a particular source let me know. I’ll vet through the topic or source to make sure it is a good fit for the site and readers’ interest before deciding to post it.  Curating resources is a community effort and I welcome your feedback and additions.

Check out the Relevant Resources page

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