Join #DiversityinApps

If you’ve been following my blog post, you know I have advocated for the need for more diverse content children’s interactive media.  For the past year, I have connected with various individuals that include educators, scholars, app developers and media professionals who share a similar concern.  Along with these discussions, posts in The Guardian, Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop and Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media at St. Vincent College illustrate the lack of diversity in children’s media and its impact on children and families.  As a result of this concern, I’m excited to announce that the launch of the new initiative #DiversityinApps.

This new initiative is a collaborative effort formed by creatives, educators, developers, academics and publishers to address the need for more diverse content in children’s mobile media and bring to the forefront those companies that are publishing diverse content.  As an early childhood professional and caring adult, I know all too well the importance of diversity and the value of children being represented in media.  This new initiative opens up the conversation for us to create change that will not only impact our local communities but the global community.

DIA logoWe want to make this initiative a success and will need your support and participation in this journey. You can be a part of our efforts by signing up on our website and telling us how you would like to be involved. When you sign-up, you will also receive updates on upcoming Meetups, Google Hangouts, and panel discussions in which we will discuss various topics related to diversity and children’s apps.  You can also spread the word on social media using #DiverstyinApps.

I am grateful to be a part of this effort as we work towards making sure all children are included in children’s interactive mobile media.  Together, we can help make all children feel that their stories matter, their culture and background matter, and that they matter.


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