About Me and My Site

Currently, I have two main passions. One is being a researcher-educator who focuses on children, diversity, technology, and media. My second is balancing my love of being a scholar with maintaining a holistic lifestyle – exercising, eating mostly healthy, keeping tabs on my mental health, and making time to enjoy the journey in higher education (h.e.) as well as life in general. I decided to blend these passions together to create a website.

You’ll notice there are three main categories. One being “Culture in Kid’s Tech & Pedagogy“, which explores issues related to culture and diversity in teaching, children’s technology and/or media. “Holistic Academic” highlights challenges, epiphanies, and strategies I experience while developing a holistic lifestyle in my Ph.D. program. The third category “Musings & Photos” presents photos and thoughts that capture feelings and thoughts I have along my journey.

I hope you enjoy the site and find something here that resonates with you. Feel free to learn more about my educational background and experience or fill out the Contact form with any questions and suggestions.

Amanda LaTasha Armstrong

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