Join #DiversityinApps

If you've been following my blog post, you know I have advocated for the need for more diverse content children's interactive media.  For the past year, I have connected with various individuals that include educators, scholars, app developers and media professionals who share a similar concern.  Along with these discussions, posts in The Guardian, Joan Ganz Cooney [...]

Gathering Useful Resources

In my posts, I usually incorporate another source to give more context and hopefully promote further reading about a particular subject.  Gradually, more people have asked me about resources for specific topics and how I manage to identify them.  With so much information about ethnicity, culture, early childhood, technology, media and diverse abilities, it can be stressful just deciding the websites that [...]

Why Not Include Media Literacy in Early Childhood?

Media bias.  It's something that we may discuss in our conversations with family members, friends, and colleagues.  Many of us understand that media is constructed by human beings, and therefore, it contains biases and objectives. As adults, we develop our own methods of navigating this terrain and figure out how to function in a world full of [...]

Do We See Diversity as an Issue?

In my previous post, I posed questions about if it is more important to examine consumption or creation in young children's media, specifically from the perspective of working with diverse communities.  Readers' responses have stated that both are important and need to be considered.  Their responses provoked deeper thinking and compelled me to ask a number of questions, one being: [...]

Creation or Consumption: What is essential?

Often in children's interactive media and technology, educators and parents discuss the ways that these tools are used for creation and consumption.  These two categories allow people to recognize that children are both designers and creators who are using media and tech as tools and that children utilize preset content on an app, website, or game.  Both of [...]


If you're interested in diversity in children's media either as a parent or early childhood professional, then you may be aware of the #WeNeedDiverseBooks campaign.  The mission of this campaign is "to address the lack of diverse, non-majority narratives in children’s literature," and it is "committed to the ideal that embracing diversity will lead to acceptance, empathy, and ultimately [...]

Media Consumption and Family Culture

Even with an increased amount of technology tools that provide children with opportunities to create media content, research from Common Sense Media and Ofcom reveal that media consumption is common among young children. While devices like tablets and smartphones have interactive components, these tools may also be used to watch shows and videos.  With knowing this [...]