What I’ve Done

Selected Presentations:

Armstrong, A. (2017, November). “What We’ve Learning about Creating Diverse Characters”. Invited Presenter, Dust or Magic Institute on the Design of Children’s Interactive Media, Lambertville, NJ.

Pérez, M. S., Saavedra, C. M., Armstrong, A., Cerla, B. M., Rideau, K. S., Sánchez-Suzki Colegrove, K., Ruiz Guerrero, M. (2017, October). ‘Now Let Us Shift’: Infusing Women of Color Epistemologies in Early Childhood Studies. Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education Conference, Toronto, Ontario, CA.

Armstrong, A., Lovely, G., & Bowden, J. B. (2017, June). Robots, Apps, Making: More Opportunities for Meaningful Learning for Young Children. International Society for Technology in Education Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX.

Armstrong, A. (2017, January). Fitting the Critical in Technology Integration: Discovering Ways to Support Diversity in Your Classroom Using Tech. Invited Presenter, Future of Education Technology Conference, Orlando, FL.

Armstrong, A. (2017, January). Critically Examining Diversity Within Children’s Interactive Media. Invited Presenter, Future of Education Technology Conference, Orlando, FL.

Armstrong, A. (2015, June). From Uncomfortable Conversations about Technology and Culture to Early Childhood Effective Practice. International Society for Technology in Education Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA.

Armstrong, A. (2015, June). Are You Considering Diversity in Your Tech Integration. Webinar, Professional Development Instructor Institute.

Greene, E., Donohue, C. & Armstrong, A. (2015, May). Strategies for Integrating Technology into In-service and Pre-service Teacher Preparation. Invited presentation, McCormick Leadership Connections, Wheeling, IL.

Armstrong, A. & Smith, T. (2015, March). Engaging Families in the Digital Age: Using Tech Tools to Build Relationships and Engage Families. Webinar, Early Childhood Center of Professional Development.

Arroyo, G. & Armstrong, A. (2014, December). Tech Institute: We Have an iPad, Now What? Administering iPad Usage in ECE Programs. McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership and TEC Center, National Louis University, Chicago, IL.

Augusto, H, Armstrong, A., Donohue, C., & Lauricella, A. (2014, November). How technology can support family engagement: A review of research, innovative tools, and promising practices in early childhood programs. Conference session, NAEYC Annual Conference, Dallas, TX.

Armstrong, A. & Lovely, G. (2014, June). 10 Considerations: Developmentally Appropriate Use of Technologies with Young Learners. Presentation at the International Society for the Education of Young Children Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA.

Smith, T., Polojac, S., Armstrong, A., & Donohue, C. (2014, June). Integrating Digital Media Literacy and Technology into Early Childhood Standards and Practice. Workshop presentation, NAEYC Professional Development Institute, Minneapolis, MN.

Donohue, C., Armstrong, A., & Greene, E. (2014, May). Digital Age Leading and Learning: New Tools for Early Childhood Programs. Leadership Connections, Wheeling, IL

Hynes-Berry, M. & Armstrong, A. (April, 2014). Being a critical user of technology in early childhood classrooms. ProSeminar Graduate Course, Erikson Institute, Chicago, IL

Armstrong, A. (January, 2014). So Many Apps, So Little Time. Presentation at the Opening Minds Conference for Chicago Metro AEYC, Chicago, IL.

Donohue, C. & Armstrong, A. (2013, October). iKids: The Intersection of Technology and Early Literacy. Invited presentation for an early Literacy Staff Training for the Chicago Public Library Foundation, Harold Washington Library Center, Chicago, IL.

Selected Publications:

Armstrong-Carela-Martínez-Pérez-Ruiz Guerrero, A. B. V. M. M. (2017). Writing the experiences and (corporeal) knowledges of women of color into educational studies: A colloquium. Pedagogy & (Im)Possibilities across Education Research, 1(1), 1-14.

Trujillo, K., Chamberlin, B., Wiburg, K., & Armstrong, A. (2016). Measurement in learning games evolution: Review of methodologies used in determining effectiveness of Math Snacks games and animations. Technology, Knowledge and Learning, 21(2), 155-174.

Armstrong A., Donohue, C. & Highfield (2015). Technology: Defining What is Appropriate for Children Related to Technology Choices, Child Care Exchange, 37(5), 28-33.

Armstrong, A. (2015). Connected Educator. Technology and Digital Media as Tools for Teaching and Learning in the Early Years. New York: Routledge and Washington, DC: NAEYC

Donohue, C., & Armstrong, A. (2014). Building Healthy Media and Technology Habits
Starts at Home. Screen Break 2014 Guide, Winnetka, IL: The Alliance for Early Childhood. www.theallianceforec.org/screenbreak.php

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