Gratitude for #naeycAC

Gratitude for #naeycAC

A week ago, I suggested using #CulivateOptimism to share positive or uplifting stories about working with children and families. Since I'm not the best at waiting or wallowing in negativity, the impatient/action-oriented part of me activated, and I started searching for stories that would inspire and motivate me. As I was looking, I noticed that many of my [...]

Learning To Be a Culturally Inclusive Educator & Researcher is a Process

Learning To Be a Culturally Inclusive Educator & Researcher is a Process

I didn't realize being an early childhood researcher and educator who incorporated multicultural and anti-bias principles was going to be an intense growth process. Since I was raised with educators in the family, attended international studies schools, and lived as a woman of color, I figured I knew what to do (for the most part). [...]

Discussions about Diversity at #ISTE2015

Last week, I attended the 2015 ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Annual Conference and led several events, including a workshop on diversity and technology in early childhood settings. The focus of this workshop was to help attendees make thoughtful choices about integrating technology to honor and empower diversity within their classroom or program. [...]

Join #DiversityinApps

If you've been following my blog post, you know I have advocated for the need for more diverse content children's interactive media.  For the past year, I have connected with various individuals that include educators, scholars, app developers and media professionals who share a similar concern.  Along with these discussions, posts in The Guardian, Joan Ganz Cooney [...]

Gathering Useful Resources

In my posts, I usually incorporate another source to give more context and hopefully promote further reading about a particular subject.  Gradually, more people have asked me about resources for specific topics and how I manage to identify them.  With so much information about ethnicity, culture, early childhood, technology, media and diverse abilities, it can be stressful just deciding the websites that [...]

Why Not Include Media Literacy in Early Childhood?

Media bias.  It's something that we may discuss in our conversations with family members, friends, and colleagues.  Many of us understand that media is constructed by human beings, and therefore, it contains biases and objectives. As adults, we develop our own methods of navigating this terrain and figure out how to function in a world full of [...]