Learning To Be a Culturally Inclusive Educator & Researcher is a Process

Learning To Be a Culturally Inclusive Educator & Researcher is a Process

I didn't realize being an early childhood researcher and educator who incorporated multicultural and anti-bias principles was going to be an intense growth process. Since I was raised with educators in the family, attended international studies schools, and lived as a woman of color, I figured I knew what to do (for the most part). [...]

Gathering Useful Resources

In my posts, I usually incorporate another source to give more context and hopefully promote further reading about a particular subject.  Gradually, more people have asked me about resources for specific topics and how I manage to identify them.  With so much information about ethnicity, culture, early childhood, technology, media and diverse abilities, it can be stressful just deciding the websites that [...]

Why Not Include Media Literacy in Early Childhood?

Media bias.  It's something that we may discuss in our conversations with family members, friends, and colleagues.  Many of us understand that media is constructed by human beings, and therefore, it contains biases and objectives. As adults, we develop our own methods of navigating this terrain and figure out how to function in a world full of [...]

We Need Media Literacy Too

This week Education Week published the  article "Where Do Biases Start? A Challenge to Educators" composed by Darius D. Prier, Ph.D., that focused on biases educators may have towards African American young men due to media's representation of them. In order to address this issue, one recommendation Dr. Prier suggests for teacher educators programs is to include media literacy in [...]

We Give New Media and Technologies Value

My exploration of children's literature, new media and technologies continues to uncover similarities and best practices early childhood professionals and parents can apply to their work or interactions with young children.  Recently, I reread an article by Katrina Willard Hall, Ph.D. published in Young Children.  In her article "Reflecting on Our Read-Aloud Practices: The Importance of Including Culturally Authentic Literature", she states [...]

Do I Have Culture?

When I conducted my graduate studies at the Erikson Institute, culture was an intentional topic that can up in every course.  One common phrase often uttered by some students during these discussions was "I don't have a culture".  Even in my current work as an early childhood professional, I still hear these six word spoken by parents, formal and informal [...]

Children’s Media and Tech Content Representation

In my professional and personal life, I have become increasingly aware of the diverse types of technologies available for children's use, such as smart phones, tablets, iPods, or computers.  According the Common Sense Media 2013 Zero to Eight report, young children spend an average of 57 minutes watching television, 22 minutes watching DVDs, 11 minutes on [...]