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Prior to being  a contributor to  online publications, I maintained a blog to explore topics that emerged from my research and teaching practice as well as my personal journey in overall wellness. Therefore, my blog focused on my two passions: 1) being a researcher-educator-writer focused on children, diversity, technology, and media and (2) balancing my love of being a scholar with maintaining a wholistic lifestyle, meaning exercising, eating mostly healthy, keeping tabs on my mental health, and making time to enjoy my life outside of my professional work. As the words of Oscar Wilde and Maya Angelou remind me “moderation in all things, and even moderation in moderation.”

My blog archive captures some topics I wrote about using my lens as a researcher-educator in the field of technology, early childhood and informal education, and diversity, as well as a wholistic lifestyle advocate. I shared insight and questions that emerge from my work as an educator and researcher under the category “Culture in Kid’s Tech & Pedagogy“. My experiences from my journey of maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle were captured under “Wholistic Academic“.

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